3D Movies vs regular movie

I’m trying to figure out how to separate or identify my 3D movies. Despite the file name (ex: San Andreas, San Andreas 3D)the meta data being pulled in is identifying both files as the same. I also have some boxing matches that are showing up in Movies instead of TV Shows. Is there a way to edit individual files (name, grouping and thumbnail)?

Not at this time, but we hope to have a flag for 3D content available in a future update.

Thanks for the information

James: In the mean time I went through and turned on “show file title” under settings. Is there a way to ignore the file extensions so that they don’t show? (ex: .m4v, .mkv etc…)

What I do with different version of the same movie, is put one inside a folder alongside a custom “folder.jpg” image. Then Infuse uses that image as the thumbnail.

Thanks for the suggestion but it doesn’t fix the issue. I have my 3D movies in second named folder. Your suggestion would mean renaming all of the movies names. Luckily James said that this is a issue that is already on their list and looking into.

Thanks for the suggestion