3D movies through Apple TV 4

Is there a trick I am missing to getting a 3D movie to play via Infuse on Apple TV 4?

I’m using MakeMKV and I ensure the 3D track is ticked. The MKV file is dumped to a separate folder and is a different size to the 2D MKV of the same file (eg Ant-Man - 34 Gb for 2d vs 39 GB for 3D).

Playing on Apple TV to a Panasonic 3D plasma, it looks like a standard 2D image. The TV isn’t flashing up a message saying 3D content detected (which it does when a 3D disc is played from the BD player.

What’s the trick - if there is one?

3D content isn’t support just yet, but it’s something we’re looking into for an upcoming version.

I do have to manually turn on the 3D function on my tv, it recognizes the version of 3D (horizontal or vertical). I have no problem playing any of my 3D movies. They all work perfectly.
iMac - storage device (WD My book Duo) - Apple extreme (wireless router) - Apple TV 4 - Pioneer Elite AV receiver - Samsung SUHD Tv

Any idea of a time line ?

My 3D Movies side by side (movie.ts) recorded from Sky are working very well.

All of my 3D content plays perfectly in the software. I think James is referring to adding a 3D genre section so that you can sort by 3D contents. He has improved the recognition of meta data for 3D content. I use to have to edit all 3D file to have the correct meta data show but now they all load correctly for me.

Could you set out your workflow for ripping, because it seems I need to do something differently.

Please be more specific with what your trying to do. What type of files? Ripping from blu-ray? I ask because: are you asking about ripping workflow or my file organization/naming convention?

Ripping workflow. The first post in the thread sets out what I’m doing, and explains how what I get out of it isn’t recognized by my tv as a 3D nor does it look like one.

Of course, I can set the TV to make it (a 2D stream) look like a 3D stream, but I can do that with a rip of anything.

Okay just did a quick conversation:

  • Makemkv
  • once the disc is ready I click Load
    I have attached a screenshot of what I selected for the rip process. I have also attached 2 pictures of the movie playing on my tv in 2D not 3D so you can see that the double image was created after the rip.

3D side by side files will play with any and all media players,
We are are talking about “frame packed” full HD 3D here, same as what’s on Blu-ray Disc. 2 completely different things.
We are looking for playback support of the mkv containing the MVC in its original format that is created with this process.
Eliminating the need to creat a side by side file.and playing back the file in its original resolution.

The side by side file created with dvdfab reduces the resolution by half.

Well I’m now starting to see the problem a little more clearly.

I set up makeMKV precisely as is shown in that screenshot. But I don’t get a side by side file as a result.

I think I’m on the same page as Drumm, and a bit puzzled by how dred30 get his sbs files out of makeMKV (if he does).

Make mkv cannot creat a side by side file, it does no encoding at all.it rips and repackages the files to mkv. Dvdfab re encodes to a side by side file. Side by side 3D looks like absolute crap on a 110" screen

First, I’ve never been able to get the subs to work from the rip.
Second, I only use makemkv. I don’t actually know of anything else that is compatible on my Mac.
Third, I just chose something quick to rip as a example. If I’m not mistaken, this attached is what is referred to as frame packed.

No that is top and bottom or “HTAB” not frame packed.it is still half resolution and is a re encode of the original MVC file

To clarify
Frame packed 3D is 2 separate video feeds"stereo" if you will. You have one 1080p image for the left eye (avc) and a second 1080p image for the right eye(mvc). Your tv alternates the 2 images to give you 3D. (Full1080p for each eye)

Side by side takes the 2 1080p images and squashes them into one 1080p image with the 2 images shown side by side in one 1080p frame.
Your tv then expands the entire image and alternates each side to give you 3D. With this you only get a 540p image to each eye.

Top and bottom( which is what you pictured) is the same as side by side but the images are top and bottom.still 540p to each eye

Any update on this feature, James? I did a backup of couple of my 3D movies and would love to play those .mkv via Infuse.

But so far, Infuse doesn’t recognize the 3D content and plays it in 2D…

Are you looking for 3D framepacking support? If so the Apple TV hardware does not and will not support it. 3D SBS and OU work.

I am looking for the possible support James mentioned 3 years ago - probably the decoding of the MVC part of the .mkv into 2 separate streams, one for each eye.

But I think that James can better tell us what he had in mind.

Unfortunately, the Apple TV doesn’t support true 3D output, but there are a few workarounds people have found that seem to work.

More info here.