3d movie is resized - no fullscreen

When I try to play mkv 3D movies, either format (side / side, up / down) the image is resized and is very small, narrowing the image and not giving the option to resize. I would like to know why I can not play 3D movies full screen. I have the INFUSE PRO on an Apple TV4.

Is this happening with all your 3D videos or just a few?

Would you be able to send in a sample we could review here?

It’s happening to me with all the videos in 3D

I also have 3D Movies, where on Screen, the Image is too small.

On my Apple TV, I also have the previous Infuse Version. With the old Infuse,
the Image size is correct.

Not with every 3D Movie.
Size of the Image is correct with old Infuse and with VLC,
but with the most recent Infuse, some 3D Movies has shrinked Images.

Would be great, if you can fix this.

Greetings from Germany

Any News on this?

Some 3D files, the Black Bars are too big, little screen. With VLC is fine, unfortunatelly no DTS with VLC
and not so nice. I am a Infuse yearly pay User, so I like Infuse, but would be great, if this could be fixed.

Any Ideas?

Sorry for the trouble. If you have a chance to send in a sample using the link above it may help us replicate the issue here and resolve what’s going on.


Any developments on 3d issue? I,now, have the same problem. Movies are far narrower than the actual size. Subtitles are problematic as well. This issue is on Apple TV 4. I haven’t checked Apple TV 4k yet.

I’m having the same issue on my AppleTV 4K. The image has been «squeezed» horizontally, looks like a 21:9 image.

If you still need one I’ll try to provide you with a sample.


I´ve found a solution:
“remux” an App for the Mac. I just convert, with just a few minutes, the File into the SAME file Format.
The App puts the Video and the Sound exactly together again, MKV with DTS German and Englisch into MKV with DTS German and Englisch.
NOW, why I really don´t know, the new File, which is basically the same as the old File, play perfectly.
As I mentioned, I don´t know why, because the File is the same as the “old” file, but after this process, it´s a good File, which plays correct.
If there is a MKV file, which don´t play right, I do this routing, than it is OK.
Maybe this helps the Infuse-Team, that in the near future, every File plays correct, without this nonsense routine

Thanks for the answer, I’ll try that. Like you said the prefererence would be to not having to do that, so if the developers need something to recreate the issue I’ll try to help.

A sample would be great. Thanks!

I’ve uploaded a sample.

Another question, du you plan on supporting the mk3d format?

Did there end up being a solution to this? I’m having he same “squishing” of the playback, where the same file works fine on the apple TV flex app.