3D file handling

When playing my H-SBS files on Infuse Pro - it squishes and distorts the playback. Does anyone else have the same problem, or know how to fix it? It works alright on the tvOS Plex app - just won’t work on the Infuse one. file is 1080 x 1920

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Would you be able to upload a sample file we could review here?

Hi, that’s funny. If I play back 3D files on infuse, it will playback great in 2d and stop at around tc 7.30. I checked that with several 3D movies. I guess atv can not playback 3D itself, right?

Are these ISO files by chance? If so, we have a number of improvements coming in the 5.7.2 update which is due out soon.

Playback will still be limited to 2D, as the Apple TV doesn’t support 3D output.

Hi James, yes the ones I checked, where ISO’s. I can check some mkvs later.


Chances are the MKVs will work fine (in 2D) and the ISO files will start to work normally once 5.7.2 is available.

Hi, well that was stupid from my side. The mkvs are sbs of course. Therefore no packframed real 3D files. So they can be played back. The effect stopping at 7.30 only happens with ISO’s. FYI, you can not trick out infuse by winding forward. It will just not go further than 7.30.

Ok, I would sit tight and give 5.7.2 a try once it’s out…hopefully early next week. :slight_smile:

Great thanks :slight_smile: