3D Blu-ray ISO Playback Support?

I’ve got several 3D Blu-ray ISO (MPEG4-MVC) rips on my Synology NAS which play (in 2D, which is fine) for only approximately ten minutes, then playback suddenly stops. It was my understanding that the latest version of the software supports Blu-ray ISO playback…does this support not apply to 3D titles as well? I don’t need to play these titles in 3D—I have a separate streamer for that purpose—I just would like to be able to play the 3D titles via Infuse on my Apple TV 4K.

Sorry about that.

There are a few issues related to 3D videos that we are looking into, and hope to have resolved soon.

I would like to play the 3D movie from the iso but that doesn’t seem to work!

Currently i‘m Using 4kappletv and an Android himedia q5 pro. By updating tv os to obtain auto framersteswitching and by updating infuse to obtain 4K hdr the past months transformed the apple platform to a new level of quality. Thank you very much, infuse-team!
Two aspects are still missing: Dolby ATMOS (dts-hd) and 3DBDiso playback. As soon as you are able to manage this, I will stop using the buggy androidplatforn.
By enabling autoframerate switching, it should be possible to transfer 3D to a tv, right?
I don‘t understand a lot of the technical aspects, but in my opinion, the Apple TV is technically able to play all the above mentioned sound and image formats. It may be just one Last restriction by Apple, right?

Same for me… after 10 minutes or so it stops playing. I have several 3D Iso, and i like Infuse very much. But this files don’t work. I hope you can change it. It has not to play in 3D.
Or ist it possible to play 3D with apple TV?

It should be possible to play 3D isos since Apple TV is able to switch framerate and 60 FPS/hz should be enough. Apple TV 4K has the power and hdmi is also 2.0.
So what‘s the probleme?

…yes, I would like to “sign” this petition too - to make 3D ISOs work :slight_smile:
Do you see a chance to enable this feature?

Currently I am able to play my ISO files just in 2D (on Apple TV4k) - but 3D does not work yet.
(and by the way: I love Infuse! <3 )

Having the same issue here! No 3D support with ISO files, and a few others too:

  • Unable to scroll through ISO files (it sends me an error message);
  • Unable to start an ISO file from the point I left. Only works if I start viewing from the beginning once again;
  • If I change the audio track or subtitles language the video crashes;
  • Unable to have 3D subtitles in any video format. Just 2D subtitles.

If you could give me some support on these issues it would be great, thanks.

Sorry for the trouble.

This is something that requires a few changes in Infuse, and something we hope to have available soon.

Thanks for your patience.

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James, thanks for trying to fix how Infuse deals with ISO 3D files! The 2D subtitles issue occours not only with ISO files but with all files.
Let me know if I can help in any way!

James, do you have an update for us? This is one thing that is preventing the ATV 4K from being the only all-in-one device that supports pretty much everything.


James, any news on this? Thanks!

I´m also looking forward for this feature.

Not only 3D Iso files, but also mkv and m2ts files using mvc.

Wow, this is exciting. You guys are blowing Plex out of the water. I can’t believe how perfect my HDR movies are playing from my Synology to my Apple TV 4K thanks to you guys. The last thing I need is 3D MVC playback and I’m golden. So looking forward to a 3D update.

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Are there any news regarding real 3D ISO playback on Apple TV 4K?

No, not yet.

@Devs, is this on a roadmap or should we stop holding or breath?

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Yep, I’m also looking forward for some news about this, whether good or bad.

I understand it is a matter of HW support by Apple, so not really a road map…

Really? What’s the exact technical issue?

Can´t say about the technical issue, but it is what it has been discussed so far, it´s on Apple apparently.

If they fix the Atmos passthrough and somehow find a way to play full 3D this would be the perfect box.

I was under the impression that the current lack of 3d support will be fixed in a future app update. That is because James wrote in one of his previous post:

“There are a few issues related to 3D videos that we are looking into, and hope to have resolved soon.”

Maybe James could give us an update?