3D audio(Atmos, DTS-X) icons

Love the app. Can we have 3D audio specific icons to show up on the movie/show details view? Right now I can only see “Dolby Digital Plus 5.1” on titles that have Atmos for example. Would be great if we can see this additional details.


James, I’m support this


Is there a reason why Infuse can’t tell me that a movie is Atmos when it is?
It only says Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 when browsing (and also when playing and I check the audio track), but according to Sonos it plays Atmos correctly. See images below. Any ideas?
Right now it’s impossible to know what movies are playing in Atmos if I don’t check the Sonos app.

It has something to do with the bitrate and compression i think.
Maybe there is someone who can explain this.

It reads the codec ID from the file and there’s no special codec identifier for atmos.