3.6.4 features?

from the release info: “…aTV Flash version 3.6.4 adds a number of exciting new features including: iTunes external drive syncing…”

What does that mean?

What does it do and how do you use it?

A little more info would be nice :wink:

More info on USB iTunes storage can be seen here:

Thanks, I just found it after receiving the notification email with links (I first read about 3.6.4 on Twitter).

One question though - what if you already have an external drive connected and setup?

I like the new easy setup, but would prefer not to have to copy over 800GB of data every time I need to update the AppleTV :wink:

The process is quite advanced, and essentially will only need to copy your media to the external drive once.

For example.

  1. Setup external drive as primary.
  2. Media will be copied from internal drive, and additional media synced from iTunes.
  3. An AppleTV software update can be installed, however the storage method must first be switched back to internal.
  4. After the update if you attempt to re-setup the external drive as primary, it will recognize the previously synced media and will SKIP the format and copy steps.
  5. The existing media on the drive will be retained and used.

Thats great news.

One final question: what if my external drive is already setup as primary using ATV 3.6.1 and the terminal?

Will the new easy setup recognize the files and keep them?

How do I upgrade from 3.6.1 to 3.6.4 with an external drive? - do I need to manually via the terminal switch primary drive to internal before running the patchstick?

The process is a bit different than the previous Terminal method. If you currently have the drive setup as primary the ‘iTunes Storage’ option will appear as ‘External’ however in the event of an AppleTV update when you got setup the drive as primary again, the installer will not recognize the files and will go through the standard format/copy process.

But how can I upgrade to 3.6.4 when my primary storage is already external - I need to unplug the external drive to run the patchstick, which I guess mean I have to first switch storage to internal using the terminal method, before disconnecting the external drive and rebooting with the patchstick

Then when I have upgraded, I need to switch storage back to external in 3.6.4 or will it do that automatically since an earlier version of ATVFlash was already on the device?

If you have a USB hub, you can have the external drive connected and use the flash drive to install aTV Flash at the same time. If you don’t have a hub, the storage would need to be switched back to internal before installing the updated version of aTV Flash.

A Hub! - of course, thank you for a great product.