3.6.2 Problem

This is the first update I’ve installed that has given me issues but hopefully someone can suggest a fix. 3.6.1 and prior versions all worked good for me.
After installing the latest update I now find after using Sapphire when I navigate back to “standard” menu items such as My Music or My Movies etc the unit appears to initiate a Finder restart. I am then no longer connected to my iTunes (Mac) library and have to quit iTunes and restart to reconnect the Apple TV to itunes and view my streaming content.
I’ve run smart update and it reported no updates installed.
Any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks.

I just want to add that my ATV suffers this problem as well.

I’ve tried numerous restarts of the Apple TV, itunes, iMac & router. The problem is still there. I also find that Cyberduck keeps dropping it’s connection when trying to do file transfers. This is a disappointing update. I’m going to try and roll back to 3.6.1 until the next one comes out.