3.6.2 install

downloaded, patchstick created, installed on aTV, booted fine.
I had to reinstall launcher to get the menu set up right, but flash is still installed and works, and hey! the cursor works in couchsurfer now!
I went to click on Files → Movies, and it seems to be frozen. I checked the USB drive, it’s mounted as before and available. I guess I’ll force a reboot :?

EDIT: ya, sorry it’s 3.6.2… oops!

ok, well i rebooted. It seems everything else is working fine, my music and pictures are all intact. I tried to re-run smart installer (it reported that it was already installed), but the Files → Movies menu option still freezes the front-end. I wish I knew the shell command to restart the ‘Finder’ (is that what the frontrow gui interface is called?) so that I wouldn’t have to do a sudo reboot or unplug and replug…
In the meantime, I saw some other suggestions for how to fix this, I’ll check those out.

Well, I found 2 suggestions. One was to install aTVFiles 1.2.1, it said it was found in Maintenance → Install Extras. I guess they folded that into 3.6.2, because that option is no longer available there.
What I did do was the following:
“Currently still a small issue with ATVFiles. The ‘Show Unplayed Dot’ option in Files > Settings must be toggled off. A new version will be available within the next few days through the Maintenance > Install Extras menu.”

That fixed it, I am now able to view the files in the Movies folder.

All in all, a good update, it fixed what was broken for me (the cursor in Couch Surfer). Now I hope I’ll be able to enter username and password in the mlb.tv flash application and watch the All-Star game tonite :slight_smile:

I just bought and downloaded ATV Flash a few days ago, and the revision I got is listed as 3.6.2

Where did the 3.6.3 version come from? I have the problem of no cursor movement with my 3.6.2

I believe he is mistaken about 3.6.3, 3.6.2 is the latest version. :smiley:

Ya, sorry guys, I fixed the title. 3.6.2. I guess I was thinking ahead :wink: