3.4.3 Not working with 6 RECOMMENDED Flash Drives

I’ve purchased 6 different brand and size Flash drives that were recommended or have worked for others and had no luck getting ATV Flash to install. Not including the considerable cost of the software, this is another $60 investment in a product that doesn’t seem to work. I’ve followed the instructions as well as other voodoo suggestions on the board. I’ve connected directly to the router as well as tried wirelessly. I’ve followed all possible scenarios, formatted many, many, many. many. many times on many, many, many, many different drives. Not matter what I do the install stalls at something like:

Interrupt: 10Base address :0x0000

Any ideas? (Don’t direct me to the thread on Flash Drives, I’ve read it many times and bought based on the recommendations)

I would love to help you, but if I can not reproduce the problem on my AppleTV then I can’t fix it. I’m going to have to leave this up to aTV Flash to recomend solutions. You’ve done everything I would normally suggest. Have you e-mailed this to aTV Flash?


I just thought of something, if you want to, you could install 3.4.2 instead, it is not that different. PM if you want to try 3.4.2.

OK, I’ve tried 3.4.2 and 3.4.3 with the following drives and have NOT been able to install:

Transcend JF V30 1GB
SanDisk Cruzer micro 2GB
Toshiba 2 GB
Memorex traveldrive 1 GB

Any idea if there is a nother way to format USB Flash drives on a mac other than disk utility? Or maybe a windows solution?
I’m assuming this software is legit.

This is what I do whenever I need to format my flash drive.

Thanks, madcran, I’ve tried doing it that way as well as every other possible combination of steps.

Add one more drive to those that don’t work: Kingston 2GB
This one won’t even create a bootable USB.

You should also check that the installer is being ran directly from the downloaded disk image. If it’s copied to the hard drive first, the flash drive will not be created properly.