3.4.2 Update Not Installing. Why?

Hi there,

I had no trouble installing the aTV flash 3.4.1 update from a Lexar 2 GB JumpDrive. Prior to this, It failed with 3.4.0. When 3.4.1 was released, I saw that one of the fixes was a USB issue so I tried 3.4.1 again using the same Lexar JumpDrive and it worked! Now that 3.4.2 is out, I’m running into the same problem again. The Flash drive is created fine, and when I insert it into the AppleTV and boot, I get a white Apple for awhile, and then it eventually disappears and reappears 3 times (for a second each time) and then the Apple TV boots normally without running the 3.4.2 update.

Any ideas? If the Lexar flash drive worked before (3.4.1), then shouldn’t it work again (3.4.2)?

Yes, I had the OS X boot image mounted, and yes I erased the flash drive before I tried all of this.

An additional issue is that I now can’t reformat the Lexar flash drive in either OS X or in Vista.

ANy help would be greatly appreciated.



I am recieving the exact same problem?..

Same problem here. I used the same USB Stick before with atvusb creator, and there it worked without problems. May it be that there is a problem if there was an earlier installation of additional software (i.e. XBMC, etc) before?

Make sure you are running the aTV Flash installer directly from the downloaded disk image. Do not copy it anywhere prior to running it.

I am running it directly from the disk image and am NOT copying it elsewhere first.

I am however, using the same OS X Boot image (mounted) that I downloaded during the 3.4.1 aTV Flash update. Since the file name is the same (as the current one), I assumed it was the same version as the one that is currently posted. Is this correct, or could this be my problem?



As long as it is the AppleTV 2.3 DMG, you are fine. I believe it is 2Z694-5573-24.dmg.

Well, I got it to install. I redownloaded the boot image and tried with a 2gb sandisk cruzer. I got a new error message stating that a newer aTVFlash version was available so I downloaded thesame version of it again. This time it worked. I don’t know if it was because I redownloaded the two files or if it was the different flash drive or even both, but it did work this time.

I hope this helps others, but I’m curious as to why the Lexar jumpdrive worked with aT Flash 2.4.1, but failed with 2.4.2.

Is it possible for a flash drive to work with some updates, but not others?

Unless the coding changed on 3.4.2 just enough to have an issue with that USB drive.

So, the bottom line is to have several flash drives on hand to use with future aTVFlash updates. Ok. Thanks…