3.3.5 works bad. really bad!

there are too many bugs in this release, making the whole apple tv a very clunky machine.

  1. pausing/resuming files in nito-tv (with quick time) isn’t really working - making the whole apple tv just like a normal cable channel - you can’t pause it 50% on the time!
  2. when i fast forward or backward divx files in nito-tv, the apple tv crashes and reboots!
  3. the deleting files in nito-tv stopped working.
  4. the maintenance category can’t be uninstalled by making a new patch stick.
  5. many tiny problems that make the whole interface not so smooth and fast.

i really can’t understand it- for an app that costs 50$ you would think there will be more QA and checking before releasing a build. it happens every time with atv flash: too easy on the trigger.

hope that 3.5.6 will focus on making everything work smoother.