3.3.5 Maintenance Screen


I’m only going on my second day of this aTV Flash… So, call me Rookie! I’m also on my second version… 3.3.5 which was upgraded from 3.3.4 today.

There is a new menu screen option called “Maintenance”. It was rather surprising at first to see ALL the things you could download and install… But unfortunately, none of the items worked except the “About” function, which just gives you the current running version.

What is the deal with the Maintenance section? Will it be upgraded soon so we can just start installing all of this stuff? Right now I’m just getting a ton of freezes, especially when clicking the Quicktime menu.

Great future potential… Not too useful right now.

What I ended up doing was before I did any of those “Maintenance” options, I used Fugu to transfer the 10.4.10 Combo Updater to the Documents folder and then ran this:

DVD > Settings > Install Software > Smart Installer

Once I did that I was able to run all the “Maintenance” commands except for FireFox which froze on me. I am going to try FireFox again later and see if it was just a fluke. I think these commands are a great thing, it just may need to have a bugs taken out over time.

I did all that, but when I ran the Smart Installer it said it wasn’t installed.

I dragged and dropped that package right onto the Documents folder using Cyberduck… Now what?

You need to drag the DMG file, not the package. Smart Installer needs the entire DMG to work.

Some of the items under the Maintenance section are actually downloads. While it may appear like a system freeze, files are actually being downloaded and installed.

This may take a few minutes depending on the item. QuickTime and Firefox are the largest downloads (~65mb and ~25mb respectively) so these may take a few minutes to complete.