3.3.4 not working, want to roll back to 3.3.3 or 3.3.2

Hello there,

I have recently upgraded to ATV Flash 3.3.4 and am experiencing some problems that are detailed in my post to the NitoTV forum, thus I would like to roll back my patchstick to 3.3.3 which was out for about 2 days but I never got around to trying, or 3.3.2 which was the last working version for me.

I have both disk images, but when I try to recreate the patchsticks, Little Snitch tells me the app is trying to call home; and, whether I ALLOW or DENY the connection, I get a message to effect: can’t create patchstick because either:

  1. you do not have an internet connection, or
  2. your version of ATV Flash is out of date, please download latest version

Could I please have some sort of work around so that I can go back to either or both older versions since 3.3.4 is problematic for me?

Thank you.

i dont know why they dont pit the older ones in the admin area.

its kinda dumb having to keep asking for them

ya is there any work around this? I hate 3.3.4 and I want to go back. how do I do it?

Yes, send us an email and we can give you access to an older version.

I am receiving the same error. I cannot use 3.3.4 or 3.3.2 (I don’t have a copy of 3.3.3 to try). When I try to create the patchstick, I get the same error. Obviously I’m connected to the net…so why has aTV Flash stopped working???