3.3.2 stability issues


I’ve used the patchstick for a couple of months now and been very happy and recommending to my friends, that is up until now, I’ve found that 3.3.2 quite unstable in NitoTV and doing silly things like when the video stops the screen just stays black instead of going back to the listing. as well as crashing out and rebooting. While I know that this whole thing is a “work in progress” the removal of Jaman has forced me to stick with NitoTV and my wife is starting to complain that it’s not as good as our rock solid Neuston MC500.

Is there a bug fix in the works? - I’ve become very addicted to this (usually) excellent product!

Cheers, paul

Yes, new versions are in the works. Jaman has stated they could have a new version available this week. Sapphire and ATV Files should be available soon as well.