3.3.2 + mediacloud

…sees the server (good)
…sees files in the directory (good)
…crashes back to silver Apple and restart when you click to play a file (bad)

some more work needed here?

cross post from main forum:

OK - MediaCloud is very likely broken. I’ve used both EyeConnect and TwonkyMedia as the server - MediaCloud dies (as in above post) when accessing files. Seems like the finder restarts (e.g. silver Apple but no reboot of entire box).

Please let us know when this will be fixed. Thx.

Sorry for the trouble. We will look into this.

No Media Cloud/ Servers?? in 3.3.3??
Can I install manually the latest from the web site??
will it work with 3.3.3?? the previous MC/Servers and my NAS/Twonkymedia server was VERY stable for me…

Media Cloud has been found to be incompatible with the 2.2 software. Are you still running the 2.1 version?

Yes, Apple TV 2.1, Applecore 3.3.4

So…can I re install MediaCloud manually, and if so how, it ran FLAWLESSLY for me under 2.1/3.3.2 software combo…

The optimal aTV Flash version for the 2.1 software is version 3.3.1. Shoot us an email and we can send you a link for this version if you wish. It will include all plugins for the 2.1 version. 3.3.2 changed some things specific to the 2.2 software.