3.2 and FTP transfer problem


I have the aFlashTV 3.2.
But i try to use a FTP program as Transmit it do not work with FTP protocol.
That is giving as example in the Easy Startup manual.
I try with many different ftp programs, but i cannot made connection…

aFlashTV installation i did direct new AppleTV unit just follow your instructions. All other functions works fine.



Hi Asoini,

I use the same program Transmit and it works fine.

Have you type in the IP adress right?
And give user:frontrow and password: frontrow?
Port : 21

Using Passive Mode?
In preference: use Passive Mode.

Then it is the same as me in Transmit.
Look at your IP adress in aTV and use it in Transmit!!


Thanks for your help,

I check that all, but nothing happend. Then i found ClassicFTP-software and it work fine…