3.2.2 not available for Regular Infuse

Is the version 3.2.2 coming to the regular app Infuse with IAP? I only say this, as Infuse Pro was updated to 3.2.2 over 3 days ago now?

If I switch to Infuse Pro, will all my metadata and settings remain, or will it treat it as a whole new app?


It has been stated elsewhere that both variants were submitted to Apple (almost simultaneously) but that the pro version appears to have been reviewed first and FireCore were still waiting for the regular variant to complete the review process.

Yes, itimpi is right.

It’s the first time since the release of v3 that both apps haven’t been reviewed/approved at the same time.

Rest assured, the update is in Apple’s handles and should be out soon.

Thanks for the update. Appreciate the efforts and enhancements your team is working on.


Hooray - 3.2.2 was just approved, and should be available shortly.