2nd Gen 4.1 Jailbreak

I have 2nd gen Apple TV with version 4.1 of the 'Software version' (as described by Apple TV on About menu)...

On the pre install checks it says I cannot jail break if I have 4.1...

When will a jailbreak be available to 4.1???

i think it will never be possible, because it fail at the check with the Apple Server... to bad... and to bad for this product... I tried it with 4.0. Also not possible.


So don't buy this software... it don't work. 

I have the same problem.

I Just purchased the firecore software for my apple TV with a 2 year update. But now i try to jailbreak the aTV and when i clik on restore (iTunes) i have the same message from apple. Itunes can't contact the server. This really suck. Any issue?

Add me to the list who have the same problem. So who is at fault here? I paid for aTV Flash (black) and they said to jail break with PwangeTool (free). The problem seems to be with Pwange.  Very frustrating -- and worse that there has been no response from aTv Flash.  They got it working, we can't we?

Add me to the list also.

Me six 

I have the same issue and I bought a lifetime. Guess woah is me

Ooops I wasn't logged in. I bought the lifetime and should have checked first. I guess it's my bad and I'm out of luck

take it easy - just wait for a jailbreak for ios 4.2.1 aTv 2 gen - then wait for a new beta from firecore.