2nd Apple TV Help

HELLO, I have just bought another Apple tv for upstairs as my house is quite big, i have managed to install atv flash fine, however i cant seem to login in via FTP , i also have 2 networks seperate, i have a downstairs one, and i have an upstairs , i have 2 time capsules , so i am running them seperately,

But it does not allow me to login in via ftp with cyberduck, it just picks up the one downstairs ,

I tried to turn the one downstairs off, so it could not pick up , and it does not pick up downstairs , but it also does not pick up the upstairs

What should i do ? How do i get around this, i love Nito tv, And i use it a lot ,

What is the solution please,

if you can email , i would appreciate it

You may try using the 2nd AppleTV’s IP address to connect. The IP address can be seen on the AppleTV through the Settings --> General --> Network menu.

Alternatively you can give each AppleTV a unique name to make it easier for connecting via FTP. By default the AppleTV name will be ‘AppleTV’ (i.e. AppleTV.local). You can easily adjust this through the nitoTV --> Settings --> General --> Change Hostname menu. It can be changed to something more descriptive like ‘AppleTVOffice’ or ‘AppleTVFamRoom’ - really anything you want. Just add ‘.local’ on the end of whatever name you choose when connecting via FTP.

Note: A restart will be required for the hostname changes to take effect.