2ATV 1HD using ATV Flash

I am looking to buy ATV Flash. I am looking to buy 2 aTV, and will love the idea to have one big 1tb harddrive connected with all the movies, no computer need it.

Can I use 1HD connected to 1aTV on the other if I use ATV Flash?


Unfortunately AppleTV units will not be able to access media stored on one another.

Your best option would be to share the external drive on the network through a router or Mac/PC and point both AppleTV units to access the drive across the network. This will allow you to store your media in a single location, but access it from multiple sources.

That will be the solution then, thanks a lot!

Can the flashed ATV source movies from an external Hard drive that is connected to a router?
As in, can you play movies using ‘Sapphire’ for example from a hard drive that is connected to the ATV wirelessly and not through the USB port?

Yes, you can stream media from attached NAS device including a hard drive connected to a router. We have a guide for setting this up here:

In your case, you can skip the ‘Select Folder(s) to Share’ section.