24P Support

May I add a +1 to the suggestion that true 24P support be included as an option in future versions, as discussed here:

If it’s possible to implement, ie if hardware does not restrict it, this may solve the stuttering problem on HD content that many ATV2 users have reported. There are many threads covering this on various forums, here’s the main one on Apple Discussions:


I suspect we may be limited by the hardware here - but we’ll make a point to look into it at some point down the road.

Many thanks - apart from solving the stuttering issue, it would just be great to have true 24P output. I really don’t know why Apple didn’t include it as a feature from the very beginning!


It will do the atv2 with flas the perfect media center. I hope it will be a soft issue, as the 1080p decoding.

Thanks developers.