24p on the new Apple TV 4K!!!

A picture is worth a thousand words.
This is my Apple TV 4K connected to an HDR10 4K TV.

Is this option for 1080p too?

24p does not appear for 1080p, at least on my 4K HDR TV.

Has anyone tried it on a 1080p TV?

Yes, a man on the macrumors forum. He says it only has 50 and 60 option on his 1080p TV.

Hooray! ?

Now if UPS would just hurry up and deliver our boxes already… ?

I am watching an HEVC 4K .mkv on my Apple TV in 24p. It looks SO good. I threw this 52gb file at it from a NAS Drobo 5n and it didn’t even blink.

I don’t have HDR, so I’m not missing that. I DO have Atmos and, once that update hits…

Thank you, Infuse team!

Do the infuse makers think if it is possible to have 4k60hz as an menu setting (selected as main setting in de ATV4k) and when selecting an movie 4k hevc you can give us the choice to change the hz we want to see this content? Basically you can also add an checkbox to allways choose this setting on 4k content. Same go’s for 1080p and 720p.

This would make this app even greater with some really smooth streams and makes the user experience as an movie/serie lover to the next level. :slight_smile:

Just an idea to add on the next 5.5.5 update

Flipping UPS dropped the ball on mine, not getting it till early next week.

I don’t think Apple allows apps to to the framerate switching, even not manually inside the app. But maybe James can do magic things :slight_smile:

Let’s all pray for the possibility :slight_smile:

Why use 24hz HDR instead of 60hgz HDR? I don’t get it!

Because the native framerate of almost all movies is 24p (23,976).

I have a Pioneer SC LX-78 AV receiver that can upscale to 4K, but I only have a Pioneer Kuro TV that can perfectly handle 1080p24, not 4K… Do you think it will be possible to downscale the 4K/24 signal of the Apple TV 4K to 1080p/24 using the Pioneer receiver?

I’d be surprised if it did (one reason being the missing HDCP 2.2 support on the TV side).
Kuros are great. But at some point you will probably enjoy going OLED/4K/Dolby Vision :slight_smile:

sorry, I have the SC LX-79 receiver not the 78… the 79 apparently has HDCP 2.2… so could it be feasible to connect the Apple TV 4K to my SC LX-79 in 4K/24p using HDCP 2.2 and then downscale the signal to 1080p/24 from the SC LX-79 to the Kuro… or does that also need DHCP 2.2?

Hehe I love the PQ of my Kuro (KRP-500a) so I’ll only upgrade to a 4K TV when the Kuro dies :slight_smile:

The issue is your TV does not support HDCP 2.2.
I’s be surprised if HDCP rules allowed to output a signal requiring HDCP 2.2 while having a non-HDCP 2.2 device in the chain.
But maybe they just require to downscale the signal. So maybe it works ??

If u guys wanna have 1080p/24 get the HdFury Linker. No problems with HDCP 2.2 and this thing is able to downscale the 4k signals from the Apple TV to 1080p/24. Im using it right now with my 1080p projector. The only problem: The Linker costs as much as the Apple TV 4k.

does your projector also support HDCP 2.2 or not?

According to its product page, the HDFury linker will work for you. No need for HDCP 2.2 on the TV/projector’s side :slight_smile:

I’ll first try if my SC LX 79 can do it as well :slight_smile: thanks for the tip!