24p material @ 60hz

So before you ask, the tv handles 24p@60hz (3:2 pulldown) perfect with for example builtin apps on the tv. With 4k dolby vision material from netflix as an example.

Also works perfect with 1080p material 24p@60hz running on appletv / infuse.

4k 24p@60hz running on appletv lags quite abit tho
Is this appletv limitation? Or infuse?

Does your TV support 24p input?

If so, your best option will be to enable frame rate matching on the Apple TV?

Yeah i use that now. Just curious why it would make it lag.
In theory infuse shouldnt care about the hz, maybe i dont understand :slight_smile:

It shouldn’t, but playing 4K 24p material at 60Hz requires a lot of extra, unneeded bandwidth that may be taxing something in your pipeline too much (Apple TV, HDMI, TV settings, etc…)

Personally, I always prefer to watch movies in their native frame rate, so 24p output is the way to go.

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