24p content randomly dropping frames

Running Infuse 5 Pro on an Apple TV 4 with tvOS 11.3 (public beta 5) and frame rate matching enabled.

I watch BD rips on my ATV and have never noticed dropped frames before enabling frame rate matching.

Anyway randomly Infuse will start dropping frames so the video looks choppy, but bizarrely it seems to recover after a few minutes.

Does anyone else see this?

Do you notice this happening on all your BD files, or just a few?

If you are able to drop us a quick report from the Apple TV the next time this happens we can take a deeper look into what is going on.

I’ve seen it on several, Infuse is mainly used for kids Disney cartoons. Next time I see I’ll sort the diagnostics.

In fact, ATV 4K with Infuse 5 will support framerate of 24.000 without any image drop or lag in travellings ?

The Apple TV currently only supports nominal 24p (23.976) and not strict 24.000.

Okay thank you for the answer.

It is possible or planned that Infuse could in the future « interpolate » or « resample » in real time any 24.000Hz framerate to 23.976 Hz for the ATV to avoid this limitation ?

Any thechnical limitation (power) or is it avoided by Apple ?

As TVOS13 has been announced, has it been possible to check if true 24p (24.000) output was included in it ?
Kind regards

I haven’t seen anything in the release notes related to true 24p support being added.

I also asked for that for years here.
I think it’ll not be possible because of Apple not want to let us play ripped movies.

My understanding is that it rather concerns legal content such as Netflix movies shot in 24p (24.000).
Ripped BR seems to be most often 23.976.

For your bluray archives, you could always remux the files with the FPS flags set to 23.976. That should fix it on that end, though proper 24hz refresh rate from the APTV would be preferable.

Just make sure to run the audio through EAC3TO or somesuch first to avoid audio sync issues.

Hi @james

From avsforums:
„I meant to add above but I’ll add here as I see the conversation has moved on; there is one possibility that a media player such as Infuse could implement which would “fix” the issue; if it dynamically sample rate converted the audio to match the 23.976p video clock then the video could be player at 23.976p with the audio staying in sync and no dropped frames. On the PC a DirectShow filter called ReClock allows you to do exactly that. It would be quite processor intensive though to do to a high quality. Having said that, I see Infuse appears to implement all kinds of audio processing so it is possible they have this capability (I’m not very familiar with it).”

Is it possible?

TVOS 14 is announced !
Now the most important question: will it support 24.000 output ??
Hope we can have this answer soon.

No, it is not fixed with tvos14.

Are you sure? Have you had the opportunity to test it? If so, it is annoying that Apple does nothing with this 24hz problem …

MPV has function “video-sync=display-resample” maybe Infuse can add the same thing hmm?

It’s less about infuse supporting it and more about Apples hardware not supporting it. This is a problem that exists on other AppleTV video apps including Netflix.