24p and 23,967p


does Apple TV with the latest tvOS support different media types with 23,976 and 24 FPS support? And furthermore does Infuse this support?

I ask because I see sometimes a short stutter while playback 24p content (MKV).

Thx, bye

Yes, 24p is shorthand for 23.976 fps.

AFAIK, there is no commercial content mastered in 24.0 fps.

Hey James, thanks for reply.

There is a difference between these two framerates. Unfortunately there are some Blurays out there which runs at 24 frames.

So if Apple (Infuse) plays every 23,976 frames content at 24 frames you get a little stutter every couple seconds.

apple tv 4k does not support the 24,000 fps
90% of French films are in 24,000 fps…:’(

Its an Apple TV issue if your content is really 24fps. You lucky the 4k even does the 23.xx fps. What content is doing 24fps?

Two Blu-Ray titles off the top of my head are Total Recall MBE and The Highlander.