24-bit audio output?

What’s the story on this?  Latest update says it’s supported but “downmixed.”  Does 1.4 finally get around the 16-bit downsampling of the Apple software and output true 24-bit audio - or is it just now capable of playing 24-bit audio files, albeit still with 16-bit output?

Unfortunately the output of the AppleTV is still limited to 16-bit. The 1.4 update adds the ability to play 24-bit files, but they will be down sampled to 16-bit in order to be compatible with the AppleTV.

True 24-bit passthrough may be possible in the future, but at this point it’s a ways off.

Thanks James.  So this is a software problem with the ATV device itself - or with Airplay?  I assume if the new iOS 5 doesn’t enable 24-bit audio in ATV2, there shouldn’t be any magical upgrade in the new ATV3 either, correct?


Hi James,


What is the status for outputting 24 bit sound quality? Is it already possible without downsampling to 16 bit?




Unfortunately there’s no progress to report on 24-bit output. Sorry.  :frowning:

thanks for your awnser. Hopefully it will work in the future.