23% hanging on installing to flash

I have a macbook with leopard on it, and have used multiple memory sticks to install the atv flash installer, with both the osboot and atvflash loaded, and the aTV Flash installer hangs at 23% consistently, then claims it is finished after 6 min hanging on 23%, but when you put the stick in the apple tv, it only does half the install, and doesn’t progress. I’ve used 6 different memory sticks, different brands, including recommended sizes / brands from the forum. Any ideas on this one?
I have also re-downloaded both the atvflash and the osboot guessing there was a corrupted file, but no luck.


further information…
it also hangs on this screen when you install it, but it never proceeds from that point. any ideas?
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i get the same error with an imation 2GB memory stick

For almost everyone that I have seen, either the problem is the USB stick you are using to patch the AppleTV or that the AppleTV is hooked up to wireless and after hooking up the AppleTV to an Ethernet connection it is able to go past that last line of code you see in the picture. So if you can, try either option and see if it works. You can check here for recommended flash drives: http://forum.atvflash.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=68