2017 LG OLED Firmware For Dolby TrueHD via internal speakers

This firmware update is out and LG 2017 OLED TV owners will be able to listen to lossless, uncompressed 5.1 and 7.1 channel Dolby TrueHD audio soundtracks through their television’s speakers.

Does anyone know if infuse’s LPCM uncompressed version will play on the LG 2017 Oled’s? What about DTS-HD? On the cusp of buying OLED65G7P tomorrow.

Also of note:
“LG 2017 OLED TV owners also will be able to enjoy Dolby Atmos object-based audio in a lossless container instead of the lossy Dolby Digital Plus container” (This allows blu-rays with atmos to be played by the TV instead of just streaming content, but Dolby Atmos still no go via infuse due to Apple’s limitations)

Does it even matter on TV speakers? No, seriously.

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Infuse should work just fine, but as mentioned above the internal speakers of almost all modern day flat panels are not great.

IMHO, if you are going to invest in an OLED TV you really want to get a dedicated sound system to go with it.

Note, if you’re simply hoping to passthrough audio from the TV to your receiver, then you’ll need to check if the update will also support PCM passthrough. Worst case, you can connect the Apple TV directly to your receiver, and then feed the video via HDMI to the TV.

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Hehe. I already have an awesome 2 channel expensive audiophile vacuum tube rig which rumbles along nicely with just the two front channels (sadly even analog headphone outputs are scarce these days.) I’m not really too concerned about Apple TV wrecking Atmos as a result, just really need 2 channels of 24 bit sound. A built in ATMOS sound bar great for me as I might for some 4k material get by with just “play” Atmos from the soundbar with some blu-ray discs. Just ordered LG SIGNATURE OLED65G7P with built in ATMOS novelty item and it will be nice as sometimes just don’t want to fire up a bunch of power hungry, hot, expensive tubes. Built in Atmos with tv as close as I’ll get for now.

My million dollar question for my setup in the post above is do the digital spidf outputs from most TVs provide 48/24 sound in at least stereo if the tv is fed such by Infuse or another device? Part 2 of this question is do audio extractors (4k UHD ones a new variation) extract 48/24 sound in at least two channels optically, etc. or via headphone/rca? My new 4ktv above is not a done deal, so could continue with my beloved 1080p model, if my tv deal falls through. The TV outputting 48/24 to a Dac would be incredible as one can go quite high end with two channel dacs.

It is hard to get information anywhere on this as most people simply don’t care about the optical outs for home theatre. I am absolutely loving infuse pro on my ipad pro 10.5 right now. UHD 4k with headphones or just the internal speakers on ipad pro sound quite nice with an infusion of HD sound. Awesome product James!

Optical is dead, sorry. Arc replaced it for movies.

Currently ARC does NOT support TRUEHD/DTS-HD quality bitstreamed, it surely doesnt support ATMOS height channels. I believe there is a new spec to do this, no where close to it yet.

Based on your exotic setup, get a pre-processor

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So optical is dead and ARC is a monstrosity? lol. I think the reason for all this it to protect content. If ARC does not do HD audio formats then I’m not hopeful on getting 48/24 optically even in stereo from a TV. Optical standard supports 48/24 and apple/infuse sending it down to tv via hdmi.

If I wanted to add Atmos into my current systems pre-processor is the way to go, but little interest in the work and expense and dealing with a bunch of passive radiators (speakers not in use) for stereo music listening. I’m guessing an hdmi extractor might do the job and then I need a dac that takes HDMI input…
(most of these have passthrough, but no chance they do HDR unless brand new design)
The new UHD Oppo’s probably will passthrough and convert HDMI to analog:

The above would absolutely work, but sure wish there was a cheap Chinese knock off to try on for size. My modded blu-ray player is so good on two channel analog that I really hate the idea of bigger money for something that falls well short in the end…

Apparently the hdmi rights to do this are quite pricey so only big sellers like some blu-ray players and some laptops (my hp envy 3D does a good job) have analog outs (headphone). HDMI dacs are generally very expensive. Looks like ARC is a bit of a mess though a recent firmware for LG Oleds may help with dolby truehd encoded blu-ray atmos so it will get out to a soundbar like dolby digital plus encoded Atmos from streaming sources. That might allow one to avoid a 4k HDR splitter like the following:

the hd fury probably one of the only ways to split HDR 4k without a new receiver? $149 and then one of the expensive hdmi dacs.

This is all digital madness and I keep coming around to would the LG analog outs have 24 bit sound and spidf digital outputs pass two channel 24/48 which is what is coming from the Infuse? I wonder if the LG’s hdmi arc would have Infuse 24/48 coming out at all times given the recent firmware change supporting dolby atmos passthrough from blu-ray players. I have a friend with an expensive Cambridge audio upconverter that would display what is coming out of the optical. If it shows 24/48 then I just use optical. My life would be much better if apple tvs had a headphone output. Ugh.

LOL was just searching internet and got my own thread with your answer on DTS-HD over ARC.

FYI. I dumped analog for watching movies and got a Samsung HW-K950 5.1.4 Atmos soundbar (which I love) that is in the same room as my two channel rig. Of course ARC still bites in this setup and I’ve got a cacophony of devices, hdmi splitters, an XBox One S for Atmos upmixing, and perhaps the guiness world record for hdmi cables in a soundbar setup in order to get the best sound. Praying right now that Apple brings on the Dolby Access app for the ATV4K to allow Atmos upmixing.