2 XBMC newbie questions

I’m a new user (less than a week) and have two hopefully simple questions.

  1. I'm trying to add a new skin but two out of the three skins say they are broken.  I'd like to install Back Row.  Can someone help me figure out how to do this?
  2. I installed the icefilms plugin last night and can see the available shows/movies.  When I try to view them, they say they're downloading but then I get an error message saying they can't be loaded/found.  Any ideas?

Thanks and loving XBMC!!!


Which version of icefilms do you have?  And XBMC??

Sorry, should have included that.

Darwin 11.0.0

IceFilms 1.0.11

I haven’t had any issues with Icefilms today.  I am not a programmer, but maybe to question #1 the links are broken.  Go to the XBMC website, to the forums, and they have extensive and up to date status for the addons and skins, etc.  They can help you out.  Same for Icefilms, but you should be able to load the films.  They are streamed through Megaupload.  Is it possible you have too much loaded on the Apple Tv?