2 versions of infuse in apple tv


I have 2 versions of infuse in my apple tv. I searched the tvos app store and indeed there are 2 versions. I have pro for both apparently.

Which is which? Why are there 2 versions? Which one should I use??

If you’re talking about two versions of Infuse 5 you can see the difference between the subscription version and the purchased pro version here.

Basically, the subscription versions allows you all updates as long as your subscription is paid so even when there’s a major version update like going to version 6 or 7 you will get these under that subscription.

If you purchased Infuse pro 5 outright then you get all incremental 5.X.X updates until the next major version is released then, if you want that update you will have to purchase the new Infuse Pro version 6

Infuse 4 is there, also.

Infuse 4 isn’t on the general app store any more. The only place is under purchased apps for those who purchased 4 prior to it being removed.

Now the only versions on the app store are “Infuse 5” and “Infuse Pro 5”.

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