2 seconds buffering when jumping (and audio delayed even further)

Since English is my second language and I like to watch the movies/TV shows in English I find myself jumping backward somehow frequently when I do not understand well something. The process is far from fluid because, depending on the video format (more than on the bitrate, apparently, since skipping in some 4K movies I have is nearly acceptable) it can take up to 2 seconds of buffering each time. On top of that, after the video starts again the audio may arrive another 1-1.5 seconds later. Which can become quite tedious.

Both my NAS and ATV4K are wired and connected through an 1Gbps Ethernet switch (measure transfer speed up to 950Mbps). The issue has always been present no matter if I used the webDAV or SMB (any version) protocols. I also tried with the Plex shares (with the Plex server being my MacBook Pro wired to the same switch) and more or less I had the same result. Interesting enough, using the Plex client in the ATV 4K (and thus the connection is NAS ← SMB → MBP ← Plex transport protocol → ATV 4K) the skipping is much faster, often immediate. Apps like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix work just fine. Kodi is much faster as well.

To make things worse even the media players I tested in my Bravia with the S-L-O-W Android TV and a 100Mbps ethernet connection don’t suffer this issue (they do suffer many other problems, which is why I bought the ATV 4K with Infuse, just not this one). Is there any chance someone can focus on fixing this issue? At least having the audio starting with the video would do! That delay is the most annoying. Thanks.

I’m having the same issue. I’m running Plex server on a Windows 10 box, all new Cat6 cabling, new gigabit switches and all are wired. All of my movies are 1 to 1 mkv rip playing on an ATV 4K. If I go back 10 or 20 seconds, the movie will buffer and when it comes back the audio is about 2 seconds after. If I convert the movie to a m4v, the delay is gone. The main problem with that, I don’t want to convert 500 movies and over 700 TV shows. Any ideas? I DON’T want to go back to Plex.

It seems we are unable to get an answer on this… :frowning:

Yeah it appears so. Kinda sucks, I like the app, but this is kind of a deal breaker for me. I might have to go back to Plex or find something else like Kodi or Emby.

The audio delay is actually related to how tvOS works, as other apps like Netflix will exhibit the same behavior.

We’re hoping Apple will deliver a number of audio related improvements in tvOS 12 as they have already announced Atmos support will be available, but unfortunately they have not yet released any details to developers.

It’s true I had noticed it in Netflix (to a lesser extent), as well. But Amazon Prime instead is perfectly smooth, also showing the preview while swiping the bar with the touchpad. Infuse buffers after skipping 10s. Plex nor Kodi have this issue either. Are they using different APIs? Because as far as I know Plex is supposed to use the standard tvOS media player.