2 questions about Jailbreaking Please Help...

Hello everybody,

I have a couple questions to ask and here it goes…

  1. I brought an Apple TV 2 to jailbreak from eBay and in the descripton it states that it can be jailbroken (brought an un-jailbroken one) and when it turns up at mine I look at the Apple TV settings and it says its on version 5.1.1 iOS 6. Can I somehow downgrade it to be able to jailbreak it? As well as its stated in the descripton of the eBay listings should i leave negative feedback ?

  2. I also have an Apple TV 3 and left it for the missus to check it out but stupidly she also updated it to the newest version of firmware, is it possible to downgrade this too?

Kind Regards

Go to http://seas0npass.com and download the version for your operating system (either Windows or Mac). Follow the instructions on that site. Why would you leave negative feedback for receiving something you bought? You received a non jailbroken device as the site said. Apple is still currently signing the 5.0.2 firmware which you can downgrade to and jailbreak untethered.

There is no jailbreak available for the Apple TV3 so downgrading firmware is a mute point technically.

Thank you for the reply, i throught u need to have some SHSH save to be able to downgrade? As the AppleTV 2 is on iOS6.

About appletv3 there will be one soon though as stated on many websites so would like to downgrade just incase my version isnt the right one.

An SHSH blob is only required if Apple isn’t signing the IPSW. Since they are currently signing 5.0.2 (could end any day) you do not need to worry about backed up SHSH blobs. Now if you wanted to downgrade to 4.x then yes you would need the SHSH blob as Apple isn’t signing that particular version.

Those sites are lying as no one is currently working on a jailbreak for the Apple TV 3.


Ahhhh thank you matty, youve cleared that up for me. Appreciate it!

Where can I get this signed 5.0.2 version please?

Im new to jailbreaking

You cannot get a “signed version” you can download any IPSW from Apple. The problem comes to the Apple Servers authenticating the version (authenticating and signing are used interchangeably in this instance).

Simply follow the instructions on http://seas0npass.com.

Thanks again Matty. Ive followed the steps but get an error at the end 'an unknown error occurred (1604)