2-part movie

Hi. I have a movie split in 2 different files. I cannot merge them with mkvtoolnix due to different HDR metadata in each file. Is there a way for Infuse to identify these 2 files as one movie and play it as such?

I have this question as well. I have multi-part movies such as the Criterion release of “War and Peace” that are already recognized by Plex as a single movie. What happens if I play this movie on Infuse? The metadata (from Plex) shows it as one long movie, but will Infuse actually play it as one?

Recently Columbia/Sony released a set of 4K UHD titles, some of which (Gandhi, Lawrence of Arabia) are also on multiple disks (2 in this case). I suspect this is going to be a trend as time goes on. This makes support of multi-part movies even more important. As far as concatenating them as one file in mkvtoolnix, the HDR10 metadata may be different for each file, and this would possibly foul up playback - i.e. I don’t know if the Infuse player will automatically switch to the second part’s metadata in a concatenated file. For this reason I would be leaving them as separate files, as per the OP’s post.

Exactly. My problem is with Lawrence of Arabia where the two discs have different metadata hence I cannot combine the two files into one large one…

Two suggestions. First, you could create a playlist that has both parts and select continuous play. Second and maybe a bit more work with a slightly different outcome, create a custom local metadata xml file for each with artwork and other info for both then again create a playlist. Make sure to select use local metadata for them if you do this.

Details can be found here

And here