2 Movies Missing from Library

Does anyone know why I’d be missing just two movies from my library? All other movies show up but these two specific ones. If I switch to Plex they show up. I am connected via SMB. I’ve tried removing them from the folder and adding them back and still nothing. And all my files are all .mkv. Originally they showed up in my “other” folder for some reason by themselves but when I went to edit them (they were not labeled correctly by Infuse) in the Infuse app they disappeared. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

*I am using the latest version of Infuse on my Apple TV.

Can you provide the file names of the two files that are not showing up?

Sure, gotti.1996.1080p.Bluray.x264. And thirteenghosts.1080p.Bluray.x264. I thought it may have been something with the file naming too at first but then I looked at other files and they are all named in the same way.

Try " Thir13en Ghosts 2001 1080p.Bluray.x264" for the second one using the numbers 1 and 3 as shown and add the year. I’ll check the Gotti one in a few minutes. :wink:

Will give it a shot right now. Thanks.

Just tried Gotti 1996 and Infuse picked it right up. You may have to do an edit metadata on yours and re-select the correct one to get it to change to the correct one but it does work.

Yeah, neither show up still. Can the medadata be changed directly from the file?

When you do an edit metadata on these do you get any options to choose from?

I’d at least think they’d show up in Infuse in that other folder. And they did at first but when I went to edit the data via infuse they disappeared all together.

Negative as they don’t show up at all in infuse. It’s like they don’t even exist to Infuse.

Are you looking in the library or in the actual share?

The first time I went to edit them yes, the correct movies showed up. But when I selected the correct title that’s when they disappeared.

They will dissapear while Infuse regathers the correct metadata and then they’ll come back. You may have to go into the settings under library and click on scan for changes, then watch the messages on the left side of the screen and wait till you see an updated "Last Updated… " message. Then look for them.

Yeah, tried that initially as well but no luck. This one has me stumped.

Completely my fault… the other day installing a new hard drive I accidentally named it an existing label… once I had things straight it must have disabled my share on the existing drive. Turned it back on and all is well. I was driving myself crazy trying to figure this out. Appreciate your replies!

LOL Sometimes our toughest battles are with ourselves.

Glad you’re back up and running! :+1:

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