2 Movie Lists / Overviews

I‘m using infuse 5.6 but theres is something which is very annoying for me. Why do i have 2 movie lists/overviews?
When i go to my movie library i see all my movies and when i click on a movie i see them again in another view. So i have to click always twice when i want so watch a movie. I click in the „normal“ movie list. And then i have another list with the movie informations. I know this behavior since many previous versions. If i go to list mode, i just have 1 movie list like i want it, but i prefer the second movie list/overview.
Are there any options to go directly in the second movie oberview? I hope you can enable this in future versions.
Best Regards

While browsing in the grid view, selecting an item will take you to the movie details page where you can see more info or play the item.

If you prefer to play the right away without seeing any details, you can simply tap the Play/Pause button (instead of Select) to start playing an item right from the main grid view.