2 month infuse pro 6 don't fonction for me

is simple !!!

the app open and closed instantly i’m on iOS 14 and tvos14 and is the same probleme

pls help me

the confinement in Paris is so hard so if I can used my infuse fir watched tv and dead lol

Can you provide the complete version numbers for both the iOS, tvOS and Infuse? There have been multiple updates recently on both.

Have you tried deleting Infuse and reinstalling it? When it quits before it gets started sounds like a bad install.

hello yes I install and re install agin and again. but nothing
iOS version


nothing works the two applications opens and closes automatically I will update uninstall reinstall nothing and it starts to annoy me more and more especially since it has been going on for two months.
Could you please find a solution to my problem information I took out the year subscription

Have you tried deleting the data in iCloud? Perhaps something is in there that is causing the crash

Hmm, this is quite strange, and we haven’t had any similar reports.

Clearing out iCloud and reinstalling the app may be worth a try.

  1. Delete all copies from Infuse from all devices
  2. Clear iCloud data, as described here iCloud & Trakt Syncing – Firecore
  3. Re-install Infuse, and set up as a new app