2 Metadata issues in v7

  1. When a movie has a common name, it is unlikely to be found by auto-match or “Edit”, for example file name:

(Wish (2020) — The Movie Database (TMDb))

It returns some results but none of them is correct.

How to specify search conditions in “Edit”?

  1. TV Show season cover.

I used to put season cover as folder.jpg in each season’s folder, it worked fine before but not in v7 for some TV shows. I noticed that it didn’t use folder.jpg if season folder name is like “Tom and Jerry Season 1940” (Tom and Jerry - TheTVDB.com, it is called Season 1940/1950/1960 instead of Season 1/2/3…), I changed folder name from “Tom and Jerry Season 1940” to “Season 1940” or “Season 1” and it picked up folder.jpg.

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