2 Infuses?

Why are there 2 Infuse apps on my Apple TV, and why can’t it be combined?

I have 2 Infuse apps on my Apple TV. But they both played only mkv files.
So I upgraded one for 9.99 euros, and now it plays also avi’s. Then I wanted
to play a Video_Ts DVD. It didn’t work but asks me to get the Pro version for 12.99
euros in the other version!

So if I update it I have spend 22.98 euros in total, on both these apps!!!
This can’t be serious! Why is it not possible to upgrade to the Pro version straight away?
I’m stuck now with 2 versions, and none of them plays DVDs! Only lost 9.99!!!

Sorry for the confusion. Infuse 5 was released in November, and will contain the latest available features.

If your purchase of Infuse 4 was recent, please drop us a note with a copy of your purchase receipt and we can assist. Submit a request – Firecore

Speaking of 2 Infuse apps… I just installed v5 (pro), and it seems that I will have to re-do the metadata fixes I applied to my library via v4. My media is on a server that I access via sftp. Most metadata discovery is spot on, but I have to fix some by Edit/search (ex.: “Kiki’s Delivery Service” always picks something other than the Ghibli movie).

Is there a way to have Infuse store these corrections back on the server so that I only have to do this once?

Infuse 5 uses iCloud sync for metadata fixes, so any corrections you make from here on out will be synced to other devices, or be available if a device is added or replaced.

Awesome! Thanks!

Okay. I’ve send the purchase receipt (Visa) a few minutes ago.