2 Devices same account?

I just purchasedaTV Flash for 1 year and I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner solely for the Media option. My question is right now I have 2 Apple TV2’s and 1 Apple TV3. Do I have to pay for a new subscription to install aTV Flash on my 2nd Apple TV2 that I have and then a 3rd subscription on the ATV3 if that ever gets jailbroken and supported? Thanks

For personal use you can install aTV Flash on your all aTV2s now with the license that you have, and if a jailbreak for the aTV3 ever appears on that as well.

Note that as you have only bought a 1 year support license the install of aTV Flash from a PC/Mac only works during your licensed support period. However an installed aTV Flash will continue to work beyond the expiration of your support license.