2 bugs still in Infuse 2

Two issues still happen exactly the same as they used to.

When streaming to Apple TV 2 (only one I could try) every episode hangs around 30 seconds before the end. This is with subtitles and tracktv scrobble activated. Now streaming from a NAS the problem is exactly the same. If upon hanging you switch back to iPhone / iPad screen you can see the last 30 seconds. It happens on absolutely every show I play, be it mkv, m4v. I think it might have something to do with the moment when it reports to tracktv but it’s just a guess.

When selecting a video, downloading subtitles and then switching to Airplay, the default selection is for bold subs. You have to switch to normal every time, this is not saved as a preference which is annoying and time consuming since upon resuming play you have to wait a while before it re streams to atv.

Also, no way of sending rating of a show to tracktv if you are reading from a NAS. Not a bug but a suggestion for a subsequent update.

Thanks, Marcos

I agree with everything written above, the same thing happens to me since updated to 1.5, and I’ve reported already as well. Specially the video hanging in the end it bothers me a lot, because I always have to switch the video back to the iPad to see the end. About the subtitles, I completely agree as well.


Thanks - we’ll take another look at these issues and see what we can do.

I have similar problems with a stop before the end, but I’ve also got stops after a minutes as well.
I have to deselect airplaying, and show local on my iPhone or/and iPad, then select airplay to ATV 2 again.

There might also be a problem to lock the screen on my devices when airplaying to ATV, because at least one time the streaming stopped when the iPhone screen shut off.

Also, I wish we could see if the movie file had been watched or not.

Other than that, I love the app and setup :slight_smile: