2 ATVs and a Time Capsule?

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my current setup is a latest gen Time Capsule streaming to my ATV 2 with Firecore RC1. Works pretty well.

I am now thinking of getting a second ATV 2 for my bedroom, accessing the same Time Capsule. Are there any issues to be expected? Can I stream simultaneously (i.e. the Mrs. watching Sex and the City in bed while I watch Top Gear in the living room (both files streamed from Time Capsule)?). Anything else I did not think of? Would be a dream of a minimal setup but obviously need to know if that is indeed a viable option.

Thanks in advance!


Yes, you can connect two AppleTVs to the Time Capsule and stream simultaneously. The TC won’t be quite as fast as some other NAS drives, but streaming to two AppleTVs should be fine.

great, thanks James!

is your user agreement based on per-user billing or per-ATV billing? i.e. does my 2 year licence apply to my second ATV or do I have to buy another license? :wink:

Cheers, Matt

This has been bought up before - and the answer was it is per user you will be glad to hear. I am thinking of buying another ATV2 for myself and found this welcome news.

great stuff, thanks!

I have, however recommended the firecore solution to a few of my friends and at least two actually went for it. So I think James and the guys won’t take a hit on this one :wink:


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silly one: my 2 ATV setup is working BEAUTIFULLY! Big thanks to the firecore team, what a magnificent setup.

However, only one of the ATVs is recognising the firecore ATV Flash updates. i.e. the ATV in the lounge is happily prompting me for available updates for Maintenance and Media Player (1.1.1 lately) - however, my bedroom ATV is still on 0.9.4 and does not show me updates ready for installation but just indicates ‘installed’.

Help? Please. :wink:


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To upgade from the 0.9.4 beta version to the 1.1 version you need to re-run the firecore installation program from your PC/mac.


You cannot update the FireCore software from the 0.x.x series to the 1.x.x series via the Maitenenace menu.    You have to do it by running the FireCore installer on your PC/Mac to move onto the 1.x series.    Your settings should survive this, but you might want to first use the Backup option on the Maitnenace menu just in case.

Since the untethered SeasonPass jailbreak for the 4.4.4 firmware has just been released it might be worth considering if now is the time to move the ATV2 onto that release?

great! That explains a lot. Much appreciated!