2 AppleTVs on the Same Network

I currently have an Apple TV with the flash running on my network. I access it with Fugu using the connect to “AppleTV.local”. When I add my second AppleTV to my network, will I be able to Fugu that as well? If so, with what connect to name as inly one machine can have that name on my network.

Please advise. Thank you.

I could not get Appletalk to work with Fugu. I manually set IP address of each of my AppleTVs (4 in my house) and then simply use the 192.168.x.x static IP address to connect to each AppleTVs.

The new version with FTP should allow me to use Transmit. Unfortunately, impossible to find the download page for customers. Must pay again to get a link.

So much for “lifetime” updates.


Please send us an email requesting the download link. Please include your name and order number.