2 AppleTV on different network: How to choose different Library?

I have 2 ATV4K placed in different networks and fetching from the same NAS.

ATV4K 1 is on the same network of NAS and I want to use local network library (FTP Share)

ATV4K 2 is on different network and reach the NAS via Tailscale VPN. Here I need to use a different library (Tailscale IP address)

The issue is that due to iCloud Sync if I select the VPN library on ATV4K 2 this setting move to ATV4K 1.

Is there any workaround to avoid this and keep iCloud share active?


Infuse will currently sync library selections between like devices (EG Apple TV to Apple TV, Mac to Mac, etc…).

You may consider disabling iCloud Sync on one of the devices, or perhaps use a different Apple ID for iCloud on one of them.

Thx for you reply. Turning off iCloud Sync brings lack of sync on played media between the 2 apple tv. Is that true?

You can also use Trakt to sync watched history between devices.

Thx for your support. Maybe you can think about a new feature to allow detailed iCloud sync options.


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