2 Apple TVs with iCloud Sync = Mess

almost every day the library is re-scanned on both devices and all the folders looses its artworks.
Every day i need to wait for the sync to watch something. This is wrong.

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I am also having this problem, first i had problems with artwork with twonky so switched to a nas share and now the scans are lots all the time.

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Oh no, getting a second Apple TV tomorrow for my bedroom. Hope there is a possible fix for it soon.

James any thoughts?

What type of device are you using? If you’re using UPnP/DLNA these can cause issues as the devices will reindex everything from time to time when files are added or removed.

Connecting via SMB or NFS will be your best bet, and will allow things to work as expected - especially when using multiple devices.

I’m will be using NFS on both devices Apple TV and Apple TV 4K (arrving tomorrow) will test it out and see how it goes.

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I use iCloud sync with my Synology DS213 via SMB without any issues. I have 4 Apple TVs and they all keep in sync!

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Then in your case it’s possible the Apple TV is running out of disk space. In these cases, tvOS will give app data (like fetched metadata in Infuse) the heave ho in order to have enough space for other apps you are using or attempting to update.

FWIW, Infuse is pretty efficient with the space it uses, but this isn’t always the case with other apps. For example, a certain fireplace app takes up over 1GB, and if you want to update it then it needs ~2GB.

i don’t know, man… there is only a few apps installed. Zero games.

We’re working to cross reference the apps people with this issue have installed, in an effort to narrow down which apps are behaving badly.

If you’re willing to list the apps you have installed, we can add your info to our list which may help isolate which one is causing problems.

I am using a QNAP NAS with Twonky media player. I have two apple tvs, non 4k. This used to work a few versions ago with album art beign saved and being ok.I tried SMB, but moved to NFS last night to try and test it out. Also on the size issue. I have only 5 apps installed on my apple os. Directv now, Channel, infuse, hulu, netflix.

I can do some tests later and submit a ticket again.

I believe Twonky is UPnP based, so the issue could be inherent to how it organizes it’s videos.

In essence, UPnP/DLNA apps provide a virtual path to videos which can sometimes change. Changing the path causes Infuse to recognize these as new files, which means they need to be scanned again. That’s the main reason we recommend using SMB/NFS if possible.

Give NFS a try and let us know if any issues popup when using it.

Thanks I am using NFS now and will report back. Just to be clear after 5.5 it stopped saving any artwork or covers. It would fetch episodes art work but would not store them for Seasons or Show titles.