2 apple tv's 4K iCloud sync turns on tv's?

I just bought my second Apple TV 4k.
Than I installed infuse 6 on both devices.
Turned on iCloud sync on both.
1 is downstairs and the other in the bedroom.
When i watch a serie/movie. stop and go to dash. went upstairs.
I saw that my other Apple TV was turnt on. (TV also, I use cec)

So I did a test.
Turn both off. turn above on, watch 5 minus. walked downstairs, and I saw the tv and Apple TV where on.
Did this test vise versa. with same outcome.

What m I doing wrong?
Now I turned of iCloud sync. and both devices are working as planned.
But with sync on. Devices turns on automatically.

Please help

Are you using the supplied Siri remote on each ATV?


I tested this. So I used downstairs remote to upper floor. But when I press a button, only they Apple TV which is paired turned on.
So that is not the problem

That is a REAL head scratcher!

As a test, when the upstairs ATV turns on when using the down stairs ATV could you see if it turns itself back off after a period (just a guess but say 30 minutes or less) to see if the background app refresh is some how causing it to turn on to check for updates? Don’t use the upstairs remote or do any inputs to the TV just to test and see if it will go back off after it does it thing.

I have 4 ATVs all using iCloud sync and I’ve never had any issues like what you’re seeing.

Thanks for the reply.

I will test what you suggested.
And will report the outcome.

I did some test.

2 apple tv’s 4K’s running 12.4.1 with 1 iCloud account on both. and infuse 6 pro on both.
General settings on both: Homescreen sync is ON. Refresh apps in background ON.

Infuse 6 pro settings on both: iCloud sync OFF (all good)
Infuse 6 pro settings on both: iCloud sync ON (Sync will trigger atv to boot up)

atv 1: watch movie 20min. - turn off atv 1- atv 2 is off
atv 2: watched movie from 20min to 30min. - turn off atv 2 - atv 1 auto turned ON.
(Did this test visa versa, same outcome)

When the atv auto turn on, it boots to dashboard. When you not touch any remote.
The atv will shutdown by default settings. (15min).

Hope anybody can help.

Hmm, this is interesting, as I don’t think we’ve had any other reports like this.

If you have a chance, can you send in a report from the ‘auto-waking’ Apple TV the next time this happens?

Hi James,

Sent a diagnostic.

Technical details: B36RG

This is from the atv that auto started!

Just wanted to say thanks for going the extra mile on the testing, hopefully James can help figure out how to get things back to normal.

Does anyone know the status of this?
I didn’t receive any outcome.
Hope you can fix this.


I’m sure they’re going to look into it. I’ve not heard of a single other instance of this happening to anyone else so it may take a bit of time for Firecore to figure out the nuts and bolts of what’s going on.

I know it’s not an excuse when you’re having a problem but Firecore has a pretty aggressive development program to work toward and also other issues that affect large groups of users so hang in there and hopefully they can figure out what the heck is going on. :wink:

Thanks for your answer.
I will wait than.

Just got answer from firecore team.

The advices me to update to iOS 13 and infuse 6.1.7

After doing this, I did some tests.
For now the problem is fixed.
No auto start from any atv, and both in sync.

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