2.6 ATV black installer on Mac crashes

Get’s to the point where it tries to install on the ATV and for a moment, some window about transferring files to ATV, a window about needing some password for the apple tv, then bam! Install quits unexpectedly.
This is on Mac Book Pro running 10.10.5, trying to copy to jailbroken ATV (5.3) with Firecore 2.4 already on it.
Any ideas?


I had the same issue. I SSH’ed back into my device and did a few things and finally got it to work. The last thing I did before it worked was I changed the root password on the Apple TV back to “alpine”.

I did a bunch of the following also:

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
dpkg --configure -a

But I don’t think any of those helped. I think changing the password did it (since the installer probably checks to see if you are already using the original password so you don’t have to enter a new one in).

Hope that helps!

You are AWESOME !!! resetting the password fixed it.