2.3 Update Question

So I’ve updated today to aTV Flash (Black) 2.3 release which now gives me ‘Infuse for Apple TV’.


Went into maintenance and updated all. I now see in maintenance that Media player has gone (was expecting this) and see Infuse for aTV. It says that Infuse is not installed. I come out of this and go to the general menu and see that Media player is still there, click on it and it is still working.


Couple of questions:


  • How can Media player still be installed when it’s no longer in my Maintenance Menu?
  • Why does Infuse say not installed (if its just Media player updated and re badged)?
  • If the answer is to go into maintenance and click on ‘install’ on Infuse, will this affect my settings and Meta data?
    • The latter (Meta data) is not an option! I have 1000’s of films of which some have not had the correct Meta data installed and I’ve had to manually manage them. No intention of ever doing this ever again!
    • I cant back up my settings as if fails every time (due to the size)


James – Can you advise on this please?


Many thanks.

I saw the same thing. I simply selected to install inFuse and after that the icon on ATV was now relabelled and all my previous settings and metadata were still there.

I am not sure why the fact that Media Player (pre it being called inFuse) is not detected by the Maintenance app - it would certainly be less confusing it simply offered an Update option rather than an Install option that acts as an update.

Sorry for the confusion, but this ended up being the least confusing way to transition from Media Player to Infuse. The alternative would have been listing both items, then having each remove the other when installed…not a great situation.

Anyways, Infuse for Apple TV is a separate app and will actually replace Media Player once installed. All metadata, watched history, cover art, etc… will be migrated from Media Player to Infuse after installing and restarting the Apple TV.

Regarding backups, you may try performing a ‘Normal’ backup instead of ‘Full’. This will save all the essential info, but leave out the fetched artwork files. These artwork files will be refetched, as needed, if not present on the Apple TV.

Hope this helps.

Many thanks for the responces.

James - To confirm, this does migrate Meta Data and doesnt re fetch it from the net. I really dont want to do that due to the amonth of corrections I’ve had to do.


Correct. Everything will be migrated, so nothing should need to be refetched.

However, even if you were to restore from a backup and refetch the missing cover art, the manual corrections would still be retained.

Great. Many thanks.