1920 × 1080 h.264 acc .mov playback choppy

Setup: WD My Book 1TB connected to macbook via USB, macbook connected ethernet to airport extreme n band station streaming wifi to ATV 40GB n band. I’ve had every 1920 × 1080 h.264 acc .mov movie file playback very choppy in xbmc or boxee. EVERY other format works flawlessly. Even .mkv in HD. Any thoughts?

Same here, but I’ve narrowed it down to .mp4 files. Don’t know why. They will play beautifully in NitoTV, but XBMC/Boxee is jerky and gives me a headache trying to watch. It seems to be some sort of frame rate issue, but I can’t narrow it down past that. I’ve just simply gone to watching mp4 files in Nito. I’m hoping one of the nightly builds in XBMC will eventually solve the problem.