1600 Error Message


Today (12/11/11) I made my first attempt at Jailbreaking. I have an AT2 and an old MacMini 1.66 Mhz with 1 Gig of ram and Mac OS 10.6.8. My iTunes is 10.5.1. I keep getting error 1600. I’ve tried a number of times already. Is this a known software defect? I’m really interested in moving forward with the aTV flash.



Have a look at my post with the same title a few below this one.

Sorry, I don’t understand some of the steps:

Where do I find this?

I don’t have access to a PC and iREB is not available for MacOS. Can I use a Virtual machine?


Are there no other ways to fix this? I find the whole process a bit complicated. Why does it need iTunes? The aTV is already plugged in to my Mac. Why doesn’t it just flash it and be done with it? Sorry if this is a stupid question :[


Thanks again,